Who am I?

Guillemo Virtual Services

After 15 years in the catering industry and although my passion for the job was going strong I was forced to close my business due the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the owner of my own restaurant I gained an excellent grip on all essential aspects for helping other entrepreneurs with their own companies such as:

  • Health and Safety contingency plan

  • Environmental requirement and paperwork

  • Web design, Web search, Graphics design

  • Social Media management – from a business perspective such as Facebook or Twitter

  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, Page Ranking

  • Managing all aspects of Marketing and PR for your business

  • Mail Inbox and email administration

  • Business development abilities - to attract new clients, retain them and expand where required

  • Managing company accounts and finances


How it Works

 1. Arrange a Consultation, 

Let me know the details of your virtual assistant request and I'll contact you for a free consultation to assess the needs of your request. I'll contact you the same day

2. Based on your needs, we’ll select the best virtual assistant  package require .

There are no long term contracts, and you can upgrade or downgrade if you need to.

3. I am well trained and I've the experience — I only care about clients, love to work, and enjoy helping.

Organized & secure

Background checks, secure password-sharing tools, and attention to detail.