Xmas treat. I cook it, I eat it

Tortilla de patatas - Spanish omelette.

Spanish Omelette


5 Eggs

1 Onion

700g Potatoes

½ Tea spoon

100 ml olive oil



  1. Peal the potatoes and cut it into ½ cm thick slices. Peal then onion and cut it in think slices.

  2. Fry the potatoes and onion in the olive oil medium/low heat. Once the potato is tender, bring it out, drain well and season with the salt.

  3. Whip the eggs, seasoning with a pinch of salt and mingle with the potato and onion.

  4. Put an non-stick pan on the burner to medium/high heat adding 3 tbsp of olive oil, heat a bit and add the mixture. Cook for 7 minutes either side. Enjoy.

TIPs: add ½ tea spoon of baking powder to the eggs mixture to make your omelette a bit fluffy.

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