Now that the winter cold is away, why don't plan a paella party?

El Gusto provides authentic PAELLA and TAPAS based in Scotland, operating around Glasgow and Edinburgh,

We offer our paella catering services for TV Location Catering, Weddings, Private Events, Corporate events, Birthday Parties and/ street food markets & festivals. The quality of our food, as a must, is always at the highest standards, using the best ingredients local and imported from Spain and always cooking with 100% with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

You will have your paella in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Hamilton or Kilmarnock or surrounding areas, but you ́ll really feel like in Spain.

Our staff are from Spanish with a lot years of experience within the catering sector, making sure that you have the best paella service ever.

Furthermore, you can also choose from our range of authentic Spanish tapas or desserts. Such as churros con authentic Madrilian chocolate, Of course, ibericos & cheese are included, as well as as Spanish wine and/or sangria will be an option.

Paella Catering Service


SEAFOOD- Calamari, mussels, fish, shrimp, home-made fish stalk, fresh veggies, Spanish rice.

MEAT- chicken, Spanish chorizo, home-made chicken stalk, fresh veggies, Spanish rice.

VEGETARIAN- assortment of fresh veggies, legumes, home-made stalk, Spanish rice.

TAPAS-All tapas are created on a seasonal basis to ensure peak quality of dish.

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